Who Goes There? Vend-or Foe

What do people really think about their ERP vendors and suppliers?

ERP: Who Do You Trust?

Cincom’s Lou Washington asks the following questions to LinkedIn Groups focused on ERP selection and maintenance:

What factor is most critical to mitigating risk associated with an ERP implementation?

What information source do you rely on for evaluating specific ERP systems?

4 Options Regarding ERP After an M&A

Imagine, that the day after you and your colleagues celebrate the completion of the implementation of a new ERP system, it’s announced that your company will be merging with the guys down the street. What happens with your ERP now?

ERP Implementation: What to Do First

To successfully implement ERP, there are three questions you should answer before you type a single line of code.

New Market Expansion with Two-Tier ERP

The reliance on a two- or multi-tier ERP systems strategy continues to gain in adoption due to the following four factors.

Using Two-Tier ERP to Expand Into New Markets

It’s intriguing to look at the factors that propel some companies to enter new segments and markets quickly and successfully, while others struggle just to stay competitive in one.

ERP Powers the Mobile, Real-Time Enterprise

Considering two extremes—the young CIO who is just starting out and has been given the challenge of bringing state-of-the-art financial applications to mobile platforms, and the seasoned CIO who must revamp an entire accounting and financial management system in ten months—a series of predictions for 2012 emerge.

4 Key Pillars of ERP Integration

True “integration” requires addressing four key pillars that are often not addressed by software implementation projects.

Measure Yourself by Your Customers’ Success

Transforming your company’s mindset from just measuring transactions to measuring yourself by your customers’ success is the catalyst – the essence – of how to succeed with configure-to-order strategies.

Why You Really Need Best of Breed ERP

The myths and realities of best-of-breed versus single-source ERP.