Mastering the Challenges of Engineer-to-Order Manufacturers

Discovering the benefits of ERP with Gil Garcia, Director of Manufacturing Industries for Microsoft Dynamics.

Two-Tier ERP: Define the Right Framework

“How can you better align your IT strategy and ERP strategy to find success?  The latest ERP Market Update episode discusses best practices for building frameworks for a two-tier ERP system.“The truest measure of success in any ERP system is how effectively it accomplishes its goals,” says Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.  Many companies […]

2013: The Year the ERP Customer Takes Control

How the customer side of ERP will advance over the next twelve months.

Four Winning Ring Strategies for Two-Tier ERP

While standardizing systems across business units provides some value, there are also large costs associated with the maintenance and implementation of these huge systems. As these systems grow in size, so does the cost. They become less flexible, slower to upgrade, and inhibit the ability to compete. Like an aging boxer, time is not their friend.

Three Reality Checks of ERP Career Fields

Who says ERP fields can’t be lucrative and exciting career paths?

Don’t be lured away from the nuts and bolts of ERP software. According to Mitch Free, Chairman and CEO of, manufacturing software like ERP is developing into some of the most fast-paced, exciting and lucrative careers in this modern age of manufacturing.

ERP: How to Maintain for the Long Term

I asked friends in a LinkedIn ERP group how to maintain an ERP system over the long term. Particularly, how to keep the system aligned to the needs of the enterprise. The responses were not what I expected.

Getting Two-Tier ERP Right: Discovering Critical Success Factors

“When implementing an ERP system, success does not come from the technology being implemented, but from the people involved in the project,” this according to Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.

Cincom’s ERP supports Norris Industries’ goal of complete sustainability

Norris Industries, Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of high performance commercial glass and dishwashers for the hospitality industry, has selected Cincom’s Priority ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution to assist in managing growth and streamlining business processes. Key to Norris’ operations is the strategic mantra of a constant pursuit of sustainability. Director of Sirron Holdings – […]

Cincom Systems Announces New Microsoft Dynamics Practice

Transforming Complex Enterprises into Dynamic Businesses

First ERP Market Update Webcast Released

Two-Tier ERP Strategies Are Transforming Enterprises