2013: The Year B2B Manufacturers Need to Get Real About Social Media

One area I consistently see CMOs divided on in their efforts to compete is the value of social media. I think it is incredibly short-sighted of any CMO, whether in B2B or business-to-consumer (B2C) to discount its value and say it is irrelevant to their marketing efforts. Really? Since when is this proliferating set of communication channels and platforms irrelevant? Since when is it irrelevant to connect with customers how they want to learn?

2013: The Year the ERP Customer Takes Control

How the customer side of ERP will advance over the next twelve months.

Manufacturing Dashboards: Are You Measuring Too Much?

How one company shrunk its metrics and beat a foreign competitor.

Free Your Company from Budgets

By some accounts managers spend 20% of their time on budgeting during the course of a year. That’s 2 and a half months! Is there a better way to budget? Steve Spohn shows us how.

Can ERP be Intuitive?

Today, ERP is about managing complexity wherever it may be found in an organization.

But what if ERP could think? What if ERP could be intuitive?

This is what Dave Schwarber, director of Cincom’s Manufacturing Business Solutions division, addresses in his article “The road to intuitive ERP” published this week in Australia’s Technology Spectator.

Three Reality Checks of ERP Career Fields

Who says ERP fields can’t be lucrative and exciting career paths?

Don’t be lured away from the nuts and bolts of ERP software. According to Mitch Free, Chairman and CEO of MFG.com, manufacturing software like ERP is developing into some of the most fast-paced, exciting and lucrative careers in this modern age of manufacturing.

A Glimpse into the Future of Manufacturing Technology

The hottest technologies and takeaways from the 2012 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show.

Manufacturing Skills Shortage: How One Company Solved It

According to the National Association of Manufacturing, 600,000 skilled positions remain unfilled in U.S. manufacturing. Here’s how one company is addressing this issue.

Boeing 787: An Agent of Transformation

Transformation means reinventing, throwing out old notions and practices, and moving out of a comfort zone. Just what Boeing did with the 787.

Unlocking $200 Billion in Value for Complex Enterprises

McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) recently released its report, “The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity through Social Technologies.” The research offers a wealth of practical insights on the transformative power of social technologies and how it creates almost a trillion dollars in unrealized value across four industry verticals. Here are a few takeaways.