Cincom Recognised in Top 20 Australian Defence Industry SME

Cincom ranked 18th in terms of revenues within the Australian Defense SMEs for the 2011/2012 financial year.

Transform Customer Experiences With Perfect Order Performance

Companies live and die by the experiences they deliver. Consider for a minute those companies you admire the most and least, and the dividing line will most likely be the expectations they create and experiences they deliver. The more complex the company, the exponentially more difficult it becomes to orchestrate a myriad of systems, processes […]

Infographic: 7 Steps to ERP Flight

Looking for ERP software for your aerospace manufacturing company? This infographic, created by Cincom’s design team, shows you the ERP Flight Checklist and how other similar companies have flown higher with Cincom Control.

ERP Powers the Mobile, Real-Time Enterprise

Considering two extremes—the young CIO who is just starting out and has been given the challenge of bringing state-of-the-art financial applications to mobile platforms, and the seasoned CIO who must revamp an entire accounting and financial management system in ten months—a series of predictions for 2012 emerge.

Own the New Product Development Process

One of the most critical processes to undergo transformation in Aerospace and Defense (A&D) is project management. Streamlined project management can help manufacturers save money, stay viable and compete for additional contracts in the future. A&D manufacturers that excel in project management know the importance of owning the new product development and introduction process. The […]

Harris Corporation Dramatically Boosts Productivity

Harris needed to replace its legacy Material Requirements Planning (MRP) tool with more robust technology to support its double-digit growth rates. Therefore, Harris chose Cincom’s Enterprise Management Solutions.

Environ Helps You Collaborate

Studies from AMR Research, Gartner Group, Forrester and others all show that collaboration, not just short-term cross-functional teams, lead to challenging goals being attained. But how do you attain that with ERP?

Cincom ERP in Aerospace & Defense

If you are a manufacturer producing and selling products into the aerospace and defense (A&D) sector, you know full well that today a competitive advantage is not only critical to success, but quite likely essential to survival. Consider the market for heavy transport passenger aircraft. For many years, this market was dominated by a few […]

Cubic Defense Reduces Approval Time

Cubic Defense Systems needed a solution that would provide visibility and standardized reporting that is accurate and well documented. They have been using Cincom’s Manufacturing Business Solution Control since 1986 and, by adding Cincom’s Quality Manufacturing solution powered by Smart Solve, they found the perfect solution.

Project-Based Manufacturing: Pooling Common Parts

Companies specializing in project-based manufacturing often plan, order, and stock parts on a project-by-project basis to ensure they have adequate visibility and control of manufacturing demands and supplies (inventory and supply orders) by project. This process is typically referred to as “hard pegging” or “project pegging.” Many companies in the aerospace manufacturing and defense manufacturing […]