Manufacturing Dashboards: Are You Measuring Too Much?

How one company shrunk its metrics and beat a foreign competitor.

Four Best Practices for Transforming Supply Chains

Four lessons learned when it comes to making supply chains more accurate, efficient and focused on profitable long-term results.

New Market Expansion with Two-Tier ERP

The reliance on a two- or multi-tier ERP systems strategy continues to gain in adoption due to the following four factors.

Predictive Analytics and ERP

In reality, while Predictive Management is new to the world of ERP it is neither new or just a buzzword to other areas within the world of business.

The Lion *DOES NOT* Sleep Tonight!

Are you following the herd in today’s business climate? Lions can feast when the herd stops moving around. Perhaps you need to keep moving …

How CFOs Beat Recession with Manufacturing Analytics

Here are ten areas where CFOs using manufacturing analytics will get their companies moving in the right direction.

Cincom Control: 2010 Business Activity Monitor

The Business Activity Monitor, one of six key upgrades for Cincom Control: 2010 ERP, is the communication conduit that presents each role a status of how they are performing.

What’s New in Cincom Control ERP

Last week we revealed Cincom Control: 2010, the latest version of our ERP software. Now it’s time for me to share with you some of the new features that we couldn’t fit in the press release.

Cincom Control:2010 ERP Software is Available

Cincom Systems today released Cincom® Control:2010™, the latest version of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system and the first significant upgrade of the software in two years.