Who Goes There? Vend-or Foe

What do people really think about their ERP vendors and suppliers?

ERP: Who Do You Trust?

Cincom’s Lou Washington asks the following questions to LinkedIn Groups focused on ERP selection and maintenance:

What factor is most critical to mitigating risk associated with an ERP implementation?

What information source do you rely on for evaluating specific ERP systems?

Cincom ERP in Aerospace & Defense

If you are a manufacturer producing and selling products into the aerospace and defense (A&D) sector, you know full well that today a competitive advantage is not only critical to success, but quite likely essential to survival. Consider the market for heavy transport passenger aircraft. For many years, this market was dominated by a few […]

Transforming the User Experience within ERP

So what does the ideal user experience for ERP look like today? How does a “user experience” help to facilitate the transformation of the enterprise into a margin growth engine?

Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers Have Issues with ERP: Report

When it comes to ERP systems, specialty vehicle manufacturers have apparently chosen unwisely. None of those surveyed in a recent Cincom survey report said their ERP systems exceeded their expectations.

Commercial HVAC Manufacturers Have Issues with ERP: Cincom Report

When it comes to ERP systems, not all commercial HVAC/R manufacturers have chosen wisely. While 18% say their ERP systems exceed their expectations, 36% say it impairs their ability to react to market changes or to implement new business initiatives, and another 36% report that their ERP systems provide valuable information but also require frequent […]

“Gut Feel” Prevalent In Project Tracking

Nearly 50% of electrical-equipment manufacturers use manual tracking and “gut feel” to track project reporting, including project cost and profit. That’s 14% more when compared to a composite benchmark of comparable industries.

Gap Widening Between A&D Haves & Have Nots

Lean manufacturing is lacking in the aerospace and defense industry. According to a 2009 Cincom report, only 23% of aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturers surveyed have implemented demand-driven manufacturing tactics such as electronic Kanban, lean manufacturing techniques and shared business processes.