Manufacturing Dashboards: Are You Measuring Too Much?

How one company shrunk its metrics and beat a foreign competitor.

Four Winning Ring Strategies for Two-Tier ERP

While standardizing systems across business units provides some value, there are also large costs associated with the maintenance and implementation of these huge systems. As these systems grow in size, so does the cost. They become less flexible, slower to upgrade, and inhibit the ability to compete. Like an aging boxer, time is not their friend.

Can ERP be Intuitive?

Today, ERP is about managing complexity wherever it may be found in an organization.

But what if ERP could think? What if ERP could be intuitive?

This is what Dave Schwarber, director of Cincom’s Manufacturing Business Solutions division, addresses in his article “The road to intuitive ERP” published this week in Australia’s Technology Spectator.

Cincom Achieves Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Accreditation

Yesterday Cincom announced that we had become a reseller of Microsoft Dynamics AX. What we didn’t share in the announcement was that we have also recently completed our accreditation for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the most recent version of AX.

Cincom Systems Announces New Microsoft Dynamics Practice

Transforming Complex Enterprises into Dynamic Businesses

Is Cincom ERP a Baan Killer?

TBKConsult, a European-based technology consulting firm, published this article today about Cincom’s global partnership with Microsoft entitled “The Baan Killer from Cincinnati, Ohio.”

Your Interactive Connected Business

Cincom Systems of Australia ( presents “Your Interactive Connected Business” seminar at Australia’s National Manufacturing Week, May 9, 1:30–2:30 p.m. in Hall 3 North Pod.

Cincom and Microsoft: What the Twitterverse is Saying

So what are people saying about Cincom’s new global independent software vendor (ISV) partnership with Microsoft? Here are what a few people are saying on Twitter.

Risk and Rewards of Partnerships

In the spirit of our recent global partnership with Microsoft, our own Dave Schwarber, Managing Director of Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions, discusses the risks and rewards of business partnerships.

Cincom Systems and Microsoft Dynamics Sign Global ISV Partnership

Cincom and Microsoft have signed a strategic, global independent software vendor (ISV) agreement to deliver enhanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution capabilities to complex enterprises.