2013: The Year the ERP Customer Takes Control

How the customer side of ERP will advance over the next twelve months.

Yes Virginia, Santa Claus Does Have an ERP System

Santa’s elf remembers the horrible Cabbage Patch Doll Christmas of 1983.

Can ERP be Intuitive?

Today, ERP is about managing complexity wherever it may be found in an organization.

But what if ERP could think? What if ERP could be intuitive?

This is what Dave Schwarber, director of Cincom’s Manufacturing Business Solutions division, addresses in his article “The road to intuitive ERP” published this week in Australia’s Technology Spectator.

Getting Two-Tier ERP Right: Discovering Critical Success Factors

“When implementing an ERP system, success does not come from the technology being implemented, but from the people involved in the project,” this according to Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.

Four Best Practices for Transforming Supply Chains

Four lessons learned when it comes to making supply chains more accurate, efficient and focused on profitable long-term results.

Two-Tier ERP: Lessons Learned At Gartner’s Supply Chain Conference

Pursuing two-tier ERP strategies are emerging as a best practice throughout manufacturing. As a complex manufacturer, how do you know what strategies to pursue to reach success? The following seven strategies are lessons learned from market leaders, and further emphasize just how effective two-tier ERP strategies are for other complex manufacturers.

New Market Expansion with Two-Tier ERP

The reliance on a two- or multi-tier ERP systems strategy continues to gain in adoption due to the following four factors.

Using Two-Tier ERP to Expand Into New Markets

It’s intriguing to look at the factors that propel some companies to enter new segments and markets quickly and successfully, while others struggle just to stay competitive in one.

ERP Powers the Mobile, Real-Time Enterprise

Considering two extremes—the young CIO who is just starting out and has been given the challenge of bringing state-of-the-art financial applications to mobile platforms, and the seasoned CIO who must revamp an entire accounting and financial management system in ten months—a series of predictions for 2012 emerge.

4 Key Pillars of ERP Integration

True “integration” requires addressing four key pillars that are often not addressed by software implementation projects.