Who Goes There? Vend-or Foe

What do people really think about their ERP vendors and suppliers?

Yes Virginia, Santa Claus Does Have an ERP System

Santa’s elf remembers the horrible Cabbage Patch Doll Christmas of 1983.

ERP: Who Do You Trust?

Cincom’s Lou Washington asks the following questions to LinkedIn Groups focused on ERP selection and maintenance:

What factor is most critical to mitigating risk associated with an ERP implementation?

What information source do you rely on for evaluating specific ERP systems?

ERP: How to Maintain for the Long Term

I asked friends in a LinkedIn ERP group how to maintain an ERP system over the long term. Particularly, how to keep the system aligned to the needs of the enterprise. The responses were not what I expected.

A Glimpse into the Future of Manufacturing Technology

The hottest technologies and takeaways from the 2012 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show.

Boeing 787: An Agent of Transformation

Transformation means reinventing, throwing out old notions and practices, and moving out of a comfort zone. Just what Boeing did with the 787.

ERP: Is It a Technology Buy or a Partnership?

Buying ERP for your enterprise involves two separate but equally important considerations: the technology itself and the type of relationship you want with your vendor.

Pervasive Interoperability: It’s More Than a Buzz Word

What is pervasive interoperability? And how does it affect your business life? More than you think.

ERP Software Modification: When NOT to Do It

Ask almost anyone involved if the software should adapt itself to the user or, should the user adapt to the software and the resounding answer will always be the former. But should it always?

Cincom ERP’s Quest: Manufacturing Process Speed

Most companies have to wrestle with the competing requirements of rapid response to customer orders and reduction of costs associated with inventory and manufacturing processes. When you throw in the need for high levels of customization, you’re talking about a very large challenge. How does Cincom ERP help?