Two-Tier ERP: Define the Right Framework

“How can you better align your IT strategy and ERP strategy to find success?  The latest ERP Market Update episode discusses best practices for building frameworks for a two-tier ERP system.“The truest measure of success in any ERP system is how effectively it accomplishes its goals,” says Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.  Many companies […]

Four Winning Ring Strategies for Two-Tier ERP

While standardizing systems across business units provides some value, there are also large costs associated with the maintenance and implementation of these huge systems. As these systems grow in size, so does the cost. They become less flexible, slower to upgrade, and inhibit the ability to compete. Like an aging boxer, time is not their friend.

Getting Two-Tier ERP Right: Discovering Critical Success Factors

“When implementing an ERP system, success does not come from the technology being implemented, but from the people involved in the project,” this according to Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.

First ERP Market Update Webcast Released

Two-Tier ERP Strategies Are Transforming Enterprises

Two-Tier ERP: Best Practices

Having a successful two-tier ERP strategy can unite your enterprise system to a common strategic objective, but what is the “right” two-tier ERP strategy for your company?

Two-Tier ERP: Lessons Learned At Gartner’s Supply Chain Conference

Pursuing two-tier ERP strategies are emerging as a best practice throughout manufacturing. As a complex manufacturer, how do you know what strategies to pursue to reach success? The following seven strategies are lessons learned from market leaders, and further emphasize just how effective two-tier ERP strategies are for other complex manufacturers.

4 Options Regarding ERP After an M&A

Imagine, that the day after you and your colleagues celebrate the completion of the implementation of a new ERP system, it’s announced that your company will be merging with the guys down the street. What happens with your ERP now?

New Market Expansion with Two-Tier ERP

The reliance on a two- or multi-tier ERP systems strategy continues to gain in adoption due to the following four factors.

Using Two-Tier ERP to Expand Into New Markets

It’s intriguing to look at the factors that propel some companies to enter new segments and markets quickly and successfully, while others struggle just to stay competitive in one.