Two-Tier ERP: Define the Right Framework

“How can you better align your IT strategy and ERP strategy to find success?  The latest ERP Market Update episode discusses best practices for building frameworks for a two-tier ERP system.“The truest measure of success in any ERP system is how effectively it accomplishes its goals,” says Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.  Many companies […]

Manufacturing Dashboards: Are You Measuring Too Much?

How one company shrunk its metrics and beat a foreign competitor.

Getting Two-Tier ERP Right: Discovering Critical Success Factors

“When implementing an ERP system, success does not come from the technology being implemented, but from the people involved in the project,” this according to Dave Schwarber, Cincom ERP Program Director.

First ERP Market Update Webcast Released

Two-Tier ERP Strategies Are Transforming Enterprises

Transform Customer Experiences With Perfect Order Performance

Companies live and die by the experiences they deliver. Consider for a minute those companies you admire the most and least, and the dividing line will most likely be the expectations they create and experiences they deliver. The more complex the company, the exponentially more difficult it becomes to orchestrate a myriad of systems, processes […]

Risk and Rewards of Partnerships

In the spirit of our recent global partnership with Microsoft, our own Dave Schwarber, Managing Director of Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions, discusses the risks and rewards of business partnerships.

Cincom Control ERP’s Role-Based Dashboard Demo

Cincom Control’s Role-Based Dashboard allows a fully-customized view of your data, tasks and work-flow access. In this video, we demonstrate what some of the specialized Business Activity Monitors can look like.

Prepare for Next Season’s Sales with Today’s ERP

As we demonstrate in our version of a “Football’s Big Game” commercial, it’s never too early to prepare for next season’s sales.

Manufacturing Process: Nokia N9

Video: How Nokia makes its N9 mobile phone.

Transform Your Company into a Selling Machine

Like an outdated ERP system, ineffective selling strategies can interfere with the productivity of your business. Making great products is only half the battle; the real struggle is SELLING those products. What’s holding your company back from becoming a selling machine? When sales people have to run around seeking the knowledge to combine options, specifications […]